The Tower is located in the heart of Da Nang’s CBD, on 58 Bach Dang street in Hai Chau 1 (District 1), directly adjacent to the Han river bridge; the Tower offers Residents the most central location in the city. The location used to be the old Tourane post office, back when the city was under French control. The post office was a place of support for the people of Da Nang, providing them with food and shelter during difficult times.

As one of the country’s fastest growing cities, Da Nang offers visitors a large number of activities to choose from – many of whom just steps away from the M Landmark Residences. Fantastic restaurants, several UNESCO heritage sites, great nightlife, numerous cultural activities and an award winning government, Da Nang city is destined for growth.

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The Tower is fully equipped with modern quality of life improvements, most of which you will never know are there.

To list a few: fast fiber optic internet for ensuring free choice of provider. Clean and dirty air ducts are separated, allowing for a constant clean and fresh airflow into the building, while the polluted air is being extracted and pushed out separately.

The Tower’s water supply is filtered at the base, meaning what comes out of your tap is drinkable. The air is filtered, constantly, ensuring high percentage levels of oxygen. State-of-the-art water pumps allow for high water pressure and Marriott approved fire life safety systems ensure the Tower is the safest in the city.


Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s best places to live, attracting a large number of tourists and locals to the city every day. To further enhance your experience in Da Nang, M Landmark Tower offers a fully equipped gym, a lounge and an in-door swimming pool. Use the lounge to network with friends and business connections, discuss the possibilities of the future and cultivate the plans you have for making them come true.

The 224 Residences at M Landmark Tower are a testimony to the city’s beauty and will be seen as must-have assets in your Vietnam real estate portfolio.

The Developer

Alphanam is one of the top 5 private Real Estate Developers in Vietnam. Their extensive history in E&C and M&E, as well as close partnerships with the world’s leading hospitality companies such as Marriott and IHG have gained them much trust and respect in the market.

The Investor

Foodinco is a famous company in Da Nang. Most locals will know their name, as they provided the people of Da Nang with food during the more tough times the city had to endure. A name with a good history and a source of pride for the local people.

The Architects

DP Architects and DP Design are the main design and architecture companies completing this tower. The company is well known for its work in Singapore and is looking to Vietnam to share their knowledge and experience of over 50 years.

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